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Our goal at Intermec Global Services is the same as yours- the successful realization of your Automated Identification and Data Collection solution. You can help assure that success by partnering with our Professional Services group before, during and after installation and implementation of your RF and RFID AIDC systems. By relying on the experienced professionals at Intermec to assist with your project, you greatly increase the probability of optimizing those systems, and everything that depends on them. Experience has shown that optimization will not only speed up and improve ROI for your project, but virtually guarantee it.
You expect more of professional services because the efficiency of your Automated Identification and Data Collection systems are vital to your success. Intermec's Global Professional Services consistently delivers more toward the speedy ROI of your AIDC equipment and systems.

While many companies are learning that providing real-time, wireless mobile access to corporate networks can greatly improve their productivity, efficiency, and personnel availability, few companies have implemented wireless technologies. This is primarily because of the perception that wireless is expensive, complex, and cost-prohibitive.

Intermec's Project Management can address those concerns by managing each step of your wireless installation process.

Trust the best in the business. Take a step toward guaranteeing the optimum in RF network performance-before the network is even in place!

  • Deliver increased productivity
  • Speed up and maximize the return on technology investments
  • Ensure better bottom line performance.

It is critical to the efficient performance of your RF network that the implementation be done right. Trust the implementation of your RF network to the experts at Intermec-delivering more since the beginning of RF networking technology.

Intermec has the largest technical staff, the greatest geographical coverage and the most experience of anyone in the AIDC market space for the implementation of RF networks.

We specialize in complex sites:

  • multi floor
  • multi building
  • manufacturing floors
  • high-bay distribution centers
  • hospitals
  • wireless bridging
  • outdoor environment

Inappropriate AP Installation Can Have Serious Consequences
Installing access points in inappropriate environments could cause performance degradation at best, and irreparable damage to the access points at worst. Inappropriate access points could not be covered by service or maintenance agreements. The installation of inappropriate access points could also result in the compromise and cancellation of any associated Site Survey warranties, such as the Intermec Global Services Site Survey Limited Warranty .

Not All Access Points Should be Installed in All Environments
When installing RF Network Access Points in challenging or extreme environments, it is consult manufacturer's specifications and any applicable standards ratings. Not all access points are created equal. Some have been manufactured to more exacting standards in order to withstand severe conditions. There are also enclosures built especially for access points to minimize or virtually eliminate the effects of dust, moisture, RF interference and ambient temperature extremes.

Professional Services can Help Determine the Most Appropriate APs
A comprehensive RF network Site Survey for new installations will help determine what type of "rugged-ized" access points or enclosures are most appropriate to the application. For existing RF network installations, it would also be wise to perform a periodic "health check" to confirm that the environmental conditions have not changed. In any case, access points should never be installed in environments for which they were unintended, or ill-suited. Click here for more information about Intermec Site Surveys , or about our periodic SiteCare™ program.

Match access points to the environment either by choosing the appropriate IEC IP- or NEMA- rated devices, or take the additional step of placing the access points in appropriately constructed and rated enclosures. NEMA or IEC IP ratings should be available from the device manufacturer. To download a selection of ratings tables, click here. And remember, the consequences of installing inappropriate access points in environmentally challenging applications include:

  • Cancellation of Site Survey warranty
  • Irreparable damage to, or even destruction of the access point
  • Less-than-optimal performance of the access point and, ultimately, the entire RF network
  • Cancellation of support or maintenance contract coverage
  • Orientation - An initial meeting with the Client to determine exact areas where RF data collection is required to meet Client's expectation as defined in the pre-survey sales documentation.
  • RF Coverage Testing - A certified Intermec Global Services employee conducts the site survey and environmental study to establish the exact location of each network access point, the positioning of the antennas and to determine if the environment is conducive to the success of the system.
  • Recap - A meeting with Client to review findings of Site Survey, providing the Client the ability to ask any questions prior to the Intermec Global Services employee leaving the Client's site.
  • After all data is collected and analyzed, a comprehensive Site Survey Report is generated and sent to Client