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PF4i Mid-Range Printer

Designed to excel where space is limited, the PF4i four-inch printer acts as a "smart client," executing user defined programs without the need of a PC. When using the wireless option, the PF4i can operate additional peripheral devices hardware such as scanners, other printers, or conveyors.

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  • Superior throughput eliminates wait time at the printer
  • Compact size for demanding applications where space is limited
  • Supports stand-alone printer applications
  • Easily adapts to changing host environments and applications
  • Can emulate and replace competitive and older Intermec printers
  • CompactFlash™ memory for quick and easy firmware, font, and memory upgrades
  • Utilizes up to five interface ports simultaneously, including internal EasyLAN™ Ethernet or EasyLAN Wireless
  • Magnetic QuickMount™ printhead for easy printhead installation
  • User selectable printer language

Product Overview

The PF4i is designed to excel where space is limited. Utilizing the latest technology, it features a strong and proven mechanical platform, and powerful newly developed electronics.

The PF4i can act as a "smart client" executing user-de.ned programs. This means that your printer can eliminate the PC, operate additional hardware (e.g. scanners, other printers, conveyors), access information from the network, and has the ability to change with the application for additional functionality when needed. When using the wireless option, any attached peripheral devices also become part of the wireless infrastructure.

Printer command languages do not restrict the PF4i. The PF series printers can emulate and replace competitive and older Intermec printers without requiring any changes to the host programming or label formats.

The PF series features optional integrated wired or wireless networking. The wireless interface uses an integrated standard 802.11b/g radio providing 128-bit WEP encryption of the information relayed through the network.

The magnetic QuickMount printhead eliminates hassles and downtime. The printhead is replaced quickly and easily with the magnet and u-brackets ensuring proper alignment. The double-clutching ribbon mechanism means that you are not restricted to ribbon types based on how they are wound. The handy, inexpensive and PC-compatible CompactFlash™ memory technology provides quick and easy memory expansion for extra storage of formats, graphics, fonts, and provides an easy way to update printer.

The PF4i bar code printer is exceptionally fast in throughput and printing, reliable, and delivers very high print quality.

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