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RFID Standards

Intermec offers the broadest range of RFID hardware, software and implementation services, all compatible with adopted or emerging standards, ensuring interoperability and providing a clear technology migration path. Intermec firmly believes standards-based technology systems protect companies' investments and offer the level of interoperability that provides the most functional benefit.

In October of 1999, Intermec was the first company to announce that its RFID product family met the new item management standard adopted by the American National Standards Institute. Intermec was also the first to announce and demonstrate that its RFID product family met the EPCglobal Gen 2 air-interface standard. Intermec continues to maintain its technical leadership with innovative designs that provide superior performance at a low cost. Intermec RFID supports relevant adopted and emerging national and international standards including:

  • EPC UHF Generation 2 - Air interface protocol specification for item management.
  • ISO/IEC 18000 Part 6 - Air interface for item management at UHF.
  • ISO/IEC 15961 & 15962 - Information interface for object oriented use of RFID in item management.
  • ANSI INCITS 256:2001 - American RFID standard for item management.
  • EAN.UCC GTAG™ - Application standard for use of RFID in the macro supply chain.
  • ANSI MH 10.8.4 - Application standard for RFID on reusable containers.
  • ISO/IEC 18000 Part 4, Mode 1 (2450 MHz)
  • ISO 18185 Electronic Seal Tags
  • ISO 22389 RFID Read/Write for Containers
  • Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) B-11 Tire and Wheel Identification
  • All Intermec RFID Readers are Cisco Compatible (CCX)

With large, multiple-field read/write memory, each of Intermec's tags and inserts can simultaneously support EPC, GTIN, UPC content, and Advanced Shipping Notice reference codes, as well as original manufacturer and distributor unique codes, delivering the user the ultimate flexibility to adapt as current and future standards evolve.

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